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Luminary Release Week Results

  • #1 Best Seller on Amazon New Age Albums
  • #1 Best Seller on Amazon New Age New Releases
  • #25 Best Seller on Amazon Top 100 Albums
  • #1 Best Seller on iTunes New Age Albums
  • #60 on iTunes Top 150 pre-ordered Albums
  • On the Billboard list of top 500 selling albums  (all genres)
  • 28 x five ⭐ reviews on iTunes and Amazon
  • 18,754 plays on the meditation apps
  • Insight Timer and Simple Habit (including the affirmations version of Luminary)
  • 3,100 streams on Spotify, 3 playlist adds
  • 8 mindfulness podcast interviews about Luminary and anxiety

Featured Press


The JW Vibe

As one listens to each song, they are not forced into some peace they haven’t found yet. In other words, Luminary isn’t your typical, instantly infectious and easy flowing glide to happy new age la la land.

With Luminary, Cheryl opens a glorious door not only to the next phase of her career, but a fresh way forward in content and approach for the ambient/new age genre.



As the coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic continues to rock the music industry, the Recording Academy reached out to a few musicians to see how they were spending their days indoors. Today, composer, artist, and music biz coach Cheryl B. Engelhardt shares her Quarantine Diary. Her new piano/ambient album Luminary, is out now.

Building Strength

New Age Music Guide

Engelhardt may single-handedly have updated the New Age music genre for the 2020s and beyond. 

It seems fitting that “Luminary” was released in the age of Covid-19, just when we needed it the most. Let it be a guiding star for the future of New Age music!


Contemporary Fusion Review

What makes [LUMINARY] so different from all the other 'meditation' albums is that [Engelhardt] is painting her own images for you to dig down deep in to, especially on songs like the wonderful 'Moon Harvest'… her integration of vocals into the mix takes you eons further than all the others; I believe this piece will be recommended for (and WIN) awards!...
I give Cheryl a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating, as well as a (perfect) 'EQ' (energy quotient) score of 5.00 for this exciting foray into 'new meditation'.

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New Age CD

The album effectively quiets not only the mind, but the spirit as well. 'Luminary' shines from deep inside with ease, grace, and emanating light. Simply gorgeous and immensely relaxing without trying.

These compositions are all more like flowing moods and gentle atmospheres that seep deeply into your soul with ease, grace, and light, and definitely without even trying.

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Artisan Music Reviews

I have always thought that once a note is played it becomes part of the musical energy of the universe like thought or motion. Now imagine a white washed room on the island of Crete where Cheryl B. Engelhardt created this music. The walls are permeated with wave after wave of energy. And the music is sublime.

There is some wonderful mixology to the tunes on Cheryl B. Engelhardt’s album Luminary.

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Featured Podcast Appearances


Emotional Detox

An interview on Sherianna Boyle's podcast about anxiety, music, and all things emotional detox!


The River Of Calm

Cheryl and Ed Bazel talk about the calming effects of music as Cheryl tells her Luminary creation story.

Building Strength

Building Psychological Strength

April and Cheryl dig into the science behind routines and her story leading to creating "Luminary". 

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Mindfulness Online Training

Renowned mindfulness trainer Darren Cockburn interviews Cheryl about her journey to anxiety-free.


The Mind's Gym Podcast

Cheryl and Brandon Bickmore get deep talking about music, mindset, and debating what's real.

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Healing Body, Mind, & Soul

Interview with Aeriol, full of positivity and light, sharing a unique angle on anxiety. 

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The Fifth Dimension

Evan interviews Cheryl on mindfulness and music, asking pointed questions about the process of Luminary and authenticity. COMING SOON.

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The Hardcore Self Help Podcast

Dr. Robert Duff and Cheryl get real about anxiety, healing, and Luminary. 

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