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"As someone who tends toward the anxious side, this grounded me. I felt held. There is a sense of Magic in Cheryl's music."

Stephanie Staidle
Licensed Art Therapist & Business Coach

"The Luminary album is at once calming and complex, rewarding the listener more with each listen."

Catherine Change
MFA and Yoga Teacher

"I enjoyed this collection of music because it took to whatever work I was doing. If I was working out, cleaning or working in my art studio I was connected to it. It translates to whatever you are focused on."

Kelsey Tynik

"Compares propitiously with my favorite new age pianist, Bernward Koch."

Logan Bruin

Review of LUMINARY

by Eugenia Conte

Looking for a musically-complex and gently exciting album to accompany your daily meditation, morning walk, sleep routine—or even to get you “in the zone” at work? LUMINARY, singer-songwriter and composer Cheryl B. Engelhardt's first contribution to the New Age genre, delivers. Avoiding the often problematic clichés of meditation and yoga music—for example, use of "World Music" exoticism to "transport" listeners— Engelhardt taps into a variety of moods via musical games that stretch the limits of her intentionally-reduced musical palette. It is easy to trust her blend of flowing piano, bell chimes, tasteful electronic modification of plucked piano strings, and her well-integrated voice; all of which which gently guide you through each track in both the affirmation-fortified and music-only versions. Every track moves through a variety of micro mood “climates,” easing you through your day—and this diversity makes the album all the more beautiful and utilitarian.

How Do You Access Your Luminary?


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Pre-Order Today!


Begin your affirmation practice. With the Luminary music playing softly in the background, choose a track that will meet you where you are, right now, and take you on a journey to more peace and happiness. 

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The Journal

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I am a luminary.

Definition of luminary according to Merriam-Webster:

lu·​mi·​nary | \ ˈlü-mə-ˌner-ē  \

1: a person of prominence or brilliant achievement

2: a body that gives light
especially : one of the celestial bodies

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The Luminary Story

Be the source of your own light.

I wrote the Luminary music in a small stone room in a tiny mountain town on Crete, Greece.

After a decade-long struggle with anxiety, searching for music, meditations, reasons, and tricks to quell the noise in my head, I realized that I wasn’t looking for something that could dull the discomfort or put me to sleep… I was looking for something to keep me present. To meet me where I was, emotionally, and take me on a journey to a more peaceful state of mind.

I couldn’t find such recordings, so I decided to compose them myself.

The source of this music is a grand piano, a bell, and my voice.

I plucked piano strings and played around with my breath. I then altered the audio files as I mixed the record to add textures and interruptions, prompting me to stay present while I listen.

The source of this music is a parallel reminder of the entire Luminary project - that we are the creators of our lives.

That even in darkness, we can be the source of our own light. 


The Luminary Affirmations

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